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February 26, 2024 1st Passage of 3rd Voice ends next week, on March 4. Please read it if you would like to read it!! I think it is pretty good, but it’s also just a first step of something. Excited about this.

The night of March 4 (8 pm EST), I’m doing some kind of question-answer livestream thing about the comic on twitch. And I’m taking around a month off before the comic resumes with 2nd Passage-- I have a lot of writing to do!!! Thank y’all.

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You can email me something at 3rdvoicemail@gmail.com and I will maybe get to it here.

Hi Dahm! I wondered what inspired the Bleach? Maybe you can’t answer that yet, since we likely don’t know everything about it. (I am highly curious why Xundítriggar called it "unremembering death")

Did Disco Elysium’s The Pale inspire it too? The Bleach is very reminiscent of that so far. I don’t mean that in an accusative way, no art originated ex nihilo and artists inspire each other through time and space. Or perhaps both that game and your videogame are adressing contemporary worries with it, independent from each other... So yeah, that is it! Greetings, JP * February 19, 2024

Hello! I don’t want to say very much about it, yes. I played Disco Elysium, or much of it, a couple years ago, after 3V’s Bleach was pretty much clear in my head. I was definitely struck by some parallels to the Pale also!! I guess I kind of understand it as we’re both working with some kind of blunt, straightforward visual metaphors?!? I try not to worry too much about this sort of thing. I have the impulse to be anxious that somebody else has done something like what I want to do… but then I want to do my thing for my own little reasons, and it doesn’t get me anywhere to be anxious about it. It’s good, even, to see different perspectives on the same. sorts of ideas I think. Really brilliant videogame I should finish it.

I’m taking a break in a few weeks when 1st Passage ends; would love some more letters to answer in the meantime if anybody wants to send one! I have a couple backed up over here I’m a little behind on everything but the comic itself. See u!

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Small Press Expo in Bethesda, MD. September 9-10, 2023.

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