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May 20, 2024 ITEM! 3rd Voice, that big internet comic I have been making, just got nominated for an Eisner Award. This is a huge thing I am having trouble wrapping my head around. It is lovely to have it recognized by one of our big institutions; I appreciate the nomination so much!!!! Voting is open for industry people; I encourage you to do so though the money in my category is emphatically on Lore Olympus. Thank you Eisner judges.

ITEM! My horror graphic novel The Last Delivery is finally almost out. If you are in BROOKLYN NEW YORK or environs, please join me on SUNDAY, JUNE 16, at SEA & SOIL, a sandwich shop at 102 President Street, at 2 or 3 o’clock, for A BOOK RELEASE EVENT. I will have a bunch of copies of the book, I’ll sign stuff and draw stuff, I’ll probably bring some originals and prints. At around 3:00 I’m going to "talk about the book" a little, or something. I don’t know! It’s been over 10 years since I’ve done something like this! Enormous thanks to Gaby and Noah for the use of their space for this.

Thank you for reading!!! We got an 11-page scene coming up soon so the schedule might be a little shaky. But I am chugging along. see you

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You can email me something at 3rdvoicemail@gmail.com and I will maybe get to it here.

Heyo, Nothing of any import here, just a bit of fan mail. Your works, and a very select few others, hold a place of confusion in my mind. I’ve been reading since about half way through Rice Boy and two thoughts always happen simultaneously with each update.

1) This really needs to be a movie, it’s so much better than most of the pap out now in SO many ways.
2) No, it doesn’t need to be a movie because there’s no way they wouldn’t screw this up royally.

Everything about your work is so stunningly imaginative and original. I read a fair number of online serial art works and if your works aren’t the best in my library, they’re certainly tied for first place with perhaps one other work and even that tie is dubious, very much a comparison of apples and the sound of rushing water. Thank you for sharing your vision. Val * May 6, 2024

Thank you! When I started trying to make comics “seriously,” it was really just the medium at hand that would let me make visual stories with no big expenditure of money or like… social or institutional knowledge. I was really into Ralph Bakshi in college and I wanted Rice Boy to be a weird formally inventive animated movie like his Lord of the Rings movie, or something like that. That felt like an IDEAL form, like seeing the thing move and hearing it makes it more REAL-seeming than just comics. Maybe in some ways this is kind of true; maybe I sometimes feel this still.

BUT I am thinking a lot more lately in terms of the conditions that allow for these things to exist— movies being so expensive and logistically complicated, this structurally limits what’s possible. Comics are lighter on their feet and can do pretty ambitious things on the part of a single creator! This is exciting to me obviously. Though comics have their own huge areas of compromise and limitation also.

SO I am realizing more and more that I used to think of these things as “ideal” forms outside of these conditions— an IDEAL movie that doesn’t have to compromise in order to exist. An IDEAL comic that isn’t subject in some ways to the industrial pressures of serialization, publication. But we’re all operating within these inescapable conditions!! So I’m trying to make the thing within its space, and be aware of the compromises more than I used to be, and try to almost USE the compromises where possible.

that said, I will entertain movie licensing offers politely and in good faith.

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MoCCA Fest, in Manhattan, NYC, March 16-17, 2024.

TCAF, in Toronto, ON, May 11-12, 2024.

SPX, in Bethesda, MD, September 14-15, 2024.

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