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June 19, 2024 Comic is back, did you see. Some more new elements being introduced; I am trying to be mindful of how everything’s rolled out and keep it from being TOO opaque. Anyway getting excited about 2nd Passage; feels like it is coming together in ways I did not fully foresee.

Signing on Sunday for The Last Delivery went very well. I really appreciate folks coming and talking and hanging out. Here is a middling-quality recording of a bit of that. I hadn’t done that sort of thing in years-- I think since the Order of Tales book came out, when I had a release thing at excellent comic shop Bergen Street Comics may she rest in peace. Anyway as I said we’ll do it again whenever that first self-published 3V book happens. The Last Delivery is AVAILABLE along most normal book-purchasing channels.

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You can email me something at 3rdvoicemail@gmail.com and I will maybe get to it here.

Dear Evan, I’ve been a reader and fan of yours since around the time you started serializing Vattu (I also miss the days where the internet seemed more like an archipelago of idiosyncratic, handmade little websites). I just wanted to express my admiration for your whole ethos around creative work and generosity in sharing your thoughts and approach to it.

A question for the letter column about 3rd Voice (and workflow generally): I have really loved reading the "notes" for each installment on your Patreon, and hearing your careful approach to balancing larger narrative concerns with moment-to-moment energy & potency! I am really curious to hear more about your pre-thumbnails work — the BIG PICTURE WRITING you mentioned in a recent post. What is your top-of-mind for you as you build that macro story structure—planning far ahead of where you’re currently drawing, while still leaving space for improvisation etc? I’m also interested in how you approach writing dialogue from a comics perspective specifically. Everything you do is so meticulous and thoughtful, and I’d love to hear more about your approach to this aspect of the process. Weston * June 15, 2024

Hello thank you! There are aspects of this that I’m still feeling out, or that are otherwise nebulous to me a little. The main thing seems to be: trying to have a sense of what big Ideas and Trajectories exist, and figuring out how to think broadly enough that things can have a KIND of structure even without nailing down everything firmly in advance. One feels maybe, anxiously, that one can make the thing Perfect if they plan it out exactly and then execute upon the plan. I have felt this in the past. BUT it has been helpful to figure out how to plan broad thematic spaces and big-picture ideas, in a way that isn’t so brittle and can survive further development as the thing gets made… Comics feel really suited to this, as the time spent making the things happen page-to-page is so relatively enormous. Something like that is the IDEAL but I don’t mean to say that I work exactly like that all the time.

What has been happening lately is like this: I have the big picture of 2nd Passage, and I have the bigger picture of how it feeds into the later passages. But most of what I had laid out in advance was just “the big connections,” how the plot maneuvers itself in broad mechanical terms as clearly as I could like… foresee. But as I’m drawing it, and posting it a scene at a time, and seeing how the granular storytelling looks to me and to readers, things build up bigger— the broad mechanical things start to feel more embedded in the emotional experience of the thing. The character trajectories start to complexify, or the emotional reality of what they’re doing and how they move through the plot becomes more complicated and embedded, sort of. Anyway rambling here. But I’m trying to be mindful: I’m not writing this as a “high fantasy” story, where the big-picture stuff of the world is exactly contiguous with the big-picture stuff of the story. There is big-picture stuff of the world, but the story is currently concerned with people who have obviously contingent, limited perspectives on whatever that might be.

Dialogue I dunno I hit upon little moments of conflict or cute exchanges and built outwards, basically. Improvise, re-rehearse, write through audio recording, draft rambly exchanges to hit on the small bits of tight useful material. Things often take a shape different from what I intend because I am trying to work with characters in a kind of believable spontaneous way. I do a lot of dialogue writing before figuring out how to rework it to fit the paneling. I don’t know really how to do this but I have an aesthetic I am trying to go for basically.

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A BOOK RELEASE EVENT for The Last Delivery, at Sea & Soil, Brooklyn. June 16, 2024, 2:00 to 5:00.

SPX, in Bethesda, MD, September 14-15, 2024.

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