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June 25 2014 - PDFs!

Just put up Rice Boy and the first book of Vattu on Gumroad as handy PDFs! Finally! They're the same as the books in print, with extra material and maps and stuff.

Back to three pages a week for Vattu, mostly! We don't have many pages left in book 2, and I intend to fix the colors and up all the resolution of all the pages online before it finishes. 600 pixels is too narrow for 2014 I think!

Lately I'm working on some new stuff for Benign Kingdom, and I just finished a story for Paradox Space! And SDCC approaches.....

May 19 2014 - Art books, miscellany

I've been trying out this Gumroad thing to some success; the latest and biggest thing I've put up is an almost 100-page book of miscellaneous Overside work I've made over the past eight (!) years, with a bunch of commentary. It is only five dollars and you might like it! Also the Goblin Week Zine is available there in PDF form; the print version is in production; had to be delayed because I have had No Money.

Other news. Still updating Vattu only two times a week, but I think I'll be able to get back to a three-a-week schedule soon. Working on some other stuff right now that is POSSIBLY VERY EXCITING but that I CAN'T TALK ABOUT YET. Going as steady as I can with the Oz project too, and about halfway done. And my next convention is SAN DIEGO COMIC-CON in July. Thank you for reading see u later!

March 14 2014 - The New Rice Boy Book!

A new edition of the Rice Boy book is now available-- technically the fourth edition! I redesigned the cover and some interior design elements for the first time since the first tiny print-on-demand edition from 2008, and it's a pretty good-looking book. The first few hundred orders of it will come with three nice screenprinted stickers.

Lot of stuff going on: Emerald City Comic Con is in just two weeks in Seattle! The first convention of 2014 for me! I'll have a ton of books and some of these little projects in print, finally. The Goblin Week Zine is in production and should be out the door soon, updates here. And the Vattu books from the Kickstarter are almost all out; an enormous underestimation of shipping costs will probably call for me to make them available online before the preorders are done, unfortunately. Kickstarters are difficult.

Very excited about where we're at in Vattu right now. Book 2 (in print to be called The Sword & the Sacrament) is heading towards a conclusion. Thank you so much for reading.

January 20 2014 - GOBLIN WEEK

The time has come again for Goblin Week, and there is already a ton of great submissions being updated regularly on the tumblr. THIS YEAR, I am putting together the GOBLIN WEEK 2014 ZINE, which can be preordered this week only RIGHT HERE. Submissions are open to everyone for any goblin-related art, words, or other printable material; details on that are available on the Goblin Week Tumblr.

Back from holiday traveling and upheaval, working on getting the Vattu books out and re-acclimating to comic work. Thank you for reading.

December 16 2013 - 500 Pages of Vattu!

Vattu is 500 pages long as of today, which might be around halfway through the story but I'm not sure yet: I know all the important things that have yet to happen but I don't know how long they'll take. Thank you everyone for reading, and for bearing with this occasionally idiosyncratic and slow-moving project. The contents of the second book of Vattu, tentatively titled Sword & Sacrament, are heading towards a close now.

Over the next few weeks I won't be able to update three times a week, because of holiday travel, too many projects I am juggling, and THE VATTU BOOKS ARRIVING THIS WEEK FINALLY. Another update forthcoming on the Kickstarter with regards to that last item. Can't say exactly what the Vattu schedule will be in the immediate future, but I will be more communicative on twitter and have a few things lined up to fill the gaps on my art blog and my wizard of oz project blog.

Thank you everyone for reading and happy holiday(s) to you!

November 25 2013 - New art book

Hello friends; did you know I've put up some art books at Gumroad for inexpensive download? These include my new series of crosshatched escapist fantasy landscapes, Lacunae. If you are into original drawings, they are currently available as well. It was a great little project to work on and I plan to have a little book of it printed soon.

Vattu nears the 500-page mark, which is mind-boggling. The first book will be in my hands within a couple of weeks, and then on its way to Kickstarter backers, and then available online to everybody else. And YET ANOTHER THING I've been working on, if you aren't aware, is an illustrated version of the Wonderful Wizard of Oz, so how about that!!

September 4 2013 - Fall Convention Season

One of my favorite comic conventions is in a little over a week, in Bethesda, MD: it is the Small Press Expo and I will be there at table W34 with Lela. It'll be the first convention where Yuko and I will have copies of the Exquisite Beast book on hand, too! Optimistic Past Evan thought he'd be able to get some advance copies of the Vattu book in time for SPX, but the inevitable color-printing problems I've been dealing with for that book have prevented that. We are still on track to get the books in hand in October, though!

After that, on September 21 I'm in Asheville for ACE, and September 28 and 29 I'm in Cambridge for MICE. I hope you can make it to one of these things!

July 12 2013 - San Diego Comic Con!

I'm leaving to California shortly for SDCC, next weekend. I will be at table 1232 with Monster Milk! I will have books and things and if you will be there I look forward to SEEING YOU.

I'll be skipping a couple of updates this month; doing a lot of traveling and working on a little contract project on the side and ALSO putting together and putting in the order for that Vattu book. BUT to make up for any downtime I'll try to have some content to put up on the tumblr. Ok bye!

June 24 2013 - Vattu Book 1

HEY did you know I've had the Kickstarter for the first Vattu book running for about a week? You should check it out! It'll be the first 270 pages of the story, entitled 'Vattu: The Name & the Mark.' There's some extra incentives available through the Kickstarter too. So far it's done SO ASTRONOMICALLY WELL that I'll be able to print probably 3000 copies, and reprint the Rice Boy book with no money out of pocket, which I was going to have to do later this year anyway. I can't thank everyone enough. It is great to know people appreciate this comic, and it'll be great to finally have it in print!!

ANOTHER Kickstarter I'm involved in is the Sleep of Reason horror anthology. There are some great stories in this book. My contribution is a 13-page shadowy thing that I'm very proud of, and that is my first serious non-Overside comic in... years? There's a bunch of preview stuff you can look at on the Kickstarter page.

Busy month for me, getting ahead in the comic and running a Kickstarter and doing a bit of contract work I am excited to eventually be able to talk about. My next convention is the San Diego Comic Con itself, in July. I'll be tabling with Monster Milk friends; if you are there I hope you'll come see us!

May 27 2013 - The Exquisite Beast Book

Last year Yuko and I did a project called The Exquisite Beast where we followed a weird creature through one hundred steps in its evolution. Now it is done, and we hope to get it printed through our publishing company Benign Kingdom. You should have a look at this Kickstarter for the Exquisite Beast book, and for the Capture Creatures and Midnite Surprise books as well!

I am back in New York and back on schedule with Vattu; thank you for your patience. I did several images in a little series called What You See on tumblr, which I will probably work on here and there in the future. Ok bye!

May 8 2013 - Toronto and a short break

I am going to Toronto this weekend for TCAF, the Toronto Comic Arts Festival! If you're in the area, it is free to attend and without fail one of the best-run and most friendly and exciting convention I exhibit at. I'm somewhere on the second floor with Benign Kingdom... I recommend you wander around looking for us and get distracted by all of the other great stuff.

Starting on Monday the 13th I will be taking a two-week break from updating Vattu, because Lela and I are going to North Carolina and Getting Married. I plan to have a low-intensity thing I can update while traveling start up on my tumblr during that time if you're interested.

April 24 2013 - Going to Portland

Tomorrow I'm leaving for Portland Oregon for Stumptown Comics Fest! I couldn't make it in 2012 so I am EXCITED TO BE THERE! I'll be at table J2 (look at this cool map that Kory made). I also got nominated for a Stumptown Comic Arts Award but voting for that has closed now.

If you can make it to Portland this weekend or Toronto a couple weeks from now, you can pick up one of these new little zines I made.

April 5 2013 - MoCCA and other plans

It has been too long since I've put a news post!! I am mostly keeping my head down and working, but we're into the midst of the 2013 conventions now, with MoCCA Fest in Manhattan this weekend, and after that STCF in Portland and TCAF in Toronto.

There should be something soon to show for the upcoming first print book of Vattu, and the Exquisite Beast book, and some exciting new things with Benign Kingdom. Some setbacks on some of these projects, but They Will Be Great.

400 pages into Vattu and two important characters have finally met. I am (still) very excited to be making this comic; thank you for reading.

September 20 2012 - New York Comic Con!

In a mere few weeks is New York Comic Con, my last convention of the year! It's October 11 through 14 in the Javits center in Manhattan, and I'll be at a HUGE BOOTH with many of my Benign Kingdom Compatriots. I'll let everyone know where our table's at as the date approaches.

Last weekend I debuted the Aftermath art book at SPX and it went EXTREMELY WELL. I have some copies and original pages still available here. SPX was tons of fun, would you like to see??

August 30 2012 - SPX approaches

Hey everyone! The next comic convention I'll be at is the Small Press Expo in Bethesda, MD on September 15 and 16. I'll be at table F11 with Lela and her books, and I'll have some hundreds of pounds of comic books with me. I'll also have Aftermath, a small art book of landscapes with giant old bones in them that I've been working on for a while. A few preview images are up at that link. Also debuting at SPX is the second genration of Benign Kingdom books!! SPX is one of the best conventions there is and I hope you can make it!

Other stuff: Exquisite Beast is still going strong, I'm drawing pokemon, etc etc.

July 8 2012 - Benign Kingdom Fall 2012!

A new Kickstarter just launched for the Fall 2012 publications by Benign Kingdom, the art book publishing company founded by myself, KC, Yuko & Ananth, Becky & Frank, and George! We're making FOUR NEW ART BOOKS by friends Aaron Diaz, Emmy Cicierega, Anthony Clark, and Danielle Corsetto! We're VERY EXCITED about this! If you'd like to preorder these folks' art books, which will be EVEN BETTER-MADE than the first generation, you can pledge to the new Kickstarter project! Thank youuu!

San Diego Comic Con is So Imminent. I'll be at table 1235 with Monster Milk, and I will have books and books and books! Hope to see you!

July 5 2012 - SAN DIEGO coming up!

Next weekend, July 12 through 15, is San Diego Comic Con, and I'll be exhibiting at it for the first time ever! I'll be at table 1235, listed in the program as Monster Milk, with fine friends Becky & Frank and Zach and Tyler! I have no idea what to expect from this show besides total overstimulation.

Vattu just got to be 300 pages, my friends. I hope you have liked it so far; a pretty significant subplot is just starting up and I look forward to showing you where it'll go...

22 May 2012 - Going to Chicago!

My next comic convention will be the very first CAKE in Chicago, on June 16 and 17, just so you know! I've done a number of shows in Chicago: I LOVE CHICAGO and I have a ton of readers there, but so far I haven't tried going to an independent-comics show there. Hoping this one goes well! For a debut show, there's a pretty ambitious lineup of exhibitors and guests, so if you're in the area I hope you can make it!!

Been a while since I've updated this news thing!! Aaaa! Plugging away at Vattu, finishing getting the Order of Tales preorders out the door, and getting into the thick of 2012 comic conventions. Thanks for reading, buddies.

19 April 2012 - Part 2 of Vattu is DONE.

Two pages are up today: the last two of part 2 of Vattu, and of the eventual first print book of the comic. I'll be taking a short break to finish up some writing before beginning part 3: It will start updating on Monday, April 30. I guarantee you will not be able to guess where this story is going. If you've been waiting to read it, now might be a good time to give it a look.

I was originally thinking of making each of the first parts their own book, but I'd instead like fewer, bigger, nicer books in print of this story. Also it turns out 1 and 2 fit together pretty well; without 2, 1 is just 'this is what the Fluters are, AND SUDDENLY...' I feel like I am getting a better handle on things like THEME and storytelling in general. I feel like working within super-straightforward-derivative plot frameworks for Rice Boy and Order of Tales has taught me a lot that's going into this, I think/hope, more idiosyncratic story. Writing Vattu feels more honest and more personal, and I'm working harder on it, and I'm having more of those moments of uncanny revelation in writing it than I've ever had. I really hate talking about any overarching Goals I have with a story before it's done... but I got 'em.

I really appreciate everyone reading and being so encouraging. It's extremely gratifying that people have found this comic and like it, because it's probably a little more difficult to get into than Rice Boy or Order of Tales. My favorite thing about publishing like this, I'm realizing, is that it allows people to make more uncompromising, personal work, and it allows at least the possibility for readers to find work that resonates more with them in a more personal way than mass media usually allows for. These are both sides of the same thing; neither could exist without the other. I guess what I'm saying is THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR READING YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

Book update: numerous delays as the Order of Tales books have been 'examined' at customs, but they're through now and should be in hand within a few more days. Glad I accounted for the possibility of this delay, so they'll be here in time for the BOOK RELEASE PARTY next Friday at Bergen Street Comics in Brooklyn, and MoCCA in Manhattan that weekend.

15 April 2012 - Order of Tales books, gearing up for MoCCA...

all 2,000 Order of Tales books have made it to this side of the world, and last I heard should be in my hands early this week. Over 5,000 pounds of books, guys. Sending out all of the Kickstarter preorders will be top priority, and then I'll have some at MoCCA on April 28 and 29 in Manhattan! Also debuting at that show will be the Benign Kingdom art books, which I have seen and which Could Not Have Come Out Better.

On April 27, the Friday before MoCCA, I'll be having a BOOK RELEASE PARTY for the Order of Tales book at Bergen Street Comics at 8 pm in Brooklyn!! This is one of my favorite comic shops and they have great events! I'll be there to sign books and hang out, so I'd love to see you if you're around!!

Part 2 of Vattu is very nearly done, and I'm super excited to finally get into 3. Also Lela's kickstarter still has a couple of days left!

28 March 2012 - Emerald City Comic-Con

this weekend I'll be in Seattle for Emerald City Comic-Con! Loved this show last year, and now I'll be at booth 210 right up front. I'll have Rice Boy books and miscellany, and also I should have a couple of advance copies of the Order of Tales one-volume book if you want to see!After that, my next event is a BOOK RELEASE PARTY in Brooklyn for that very same book! I will let you know about that soon!!

Lela's book Kickstarter is going super well so far!

20 March 2012 - Lela makes books!

my girlfriend Lela started a Kickstarter project to get some tools to make books! She's been making lovely hand-made leather-bound books for a few years, and those of you who were at SPX last year might have seen them at our table! She'd really appreciate your support, friends!

Just finished Wonder-Con in Anaheim! It went Decently. Next is Emerald City in Seattle!

13 March 2012 - West Coast!

on the 15th I'm flying to the west coast! If you're near Anaheim, CA, I hope you can come to Wonder-Con! I'll be tabling at SP-048 with Kel McDonald, right near some other fine webcomics folks. It'll be my first time there, and my first time in that area of California, so I hope you can make it!

Two weeks after that is Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle. Had a lot of fun at that show last year! Big webcomics presence there too!!

In April, the one-volume Order of Tales books are coming in, and the Benign Kingdom books, too. Some busy months ahead...

23 February 2012 - BENIGN KINGDOM is almost here!!

a single day remains on the Benign Kingdom Kickstarter, which is around 300% funded!!! We can't believe how well this has gone, and have big plans for the future of our new publishing company. You can preorder the first art books at a discounted price through the Kickstarter for the next few hours it exists...

Proofs of the hardcover and paperback one-volume Order of Tales books have been received. You can see how ABSOLUTELY PERFECT THEY LOOK right here. I'll keep everybody up to date as the arrival date gets closer. They get here sometime in April, meaning they'll be available to buy in the store shortly thereafter.

All this book stuff is making me start planning prematurely for the design of first book of Vattu, which will contain parts 1 and 2, and which is still several months off. Can't worry about anything but getting ahead on Vattu for the West Coast Tour. 7 pages ahead right now...

16 February 2012 - West Coast Tour imminent

one week remains on the Benign Kingdom Kickstarter as I write this! We've gone way over our initial goal of 18,000, and as a result the books will have a much higher production value, and we'll have a more substantial foundation for future projects that we're all super excited about!! If you'd like to support the project and preorder the books at a reduced price, you have a few days left. Thank you all so much!

Some more appearances lined up! As I've already announced, I'll be at ECCC in Seattle from March 30 to April 1. Right before that show on the 29th, I'll be participating in a panel on webcomics at the Henry Art Gallery! Good buddies and esteemed colleagues Dylan Meconis and Erika Moen are also participating; maybe more??

I am currently listening to exclusively 90s hip-hop and working real hard on getting way ahead in Vattu so that I can take this huge west-coast tour (WonderCon and ECCC) in March without falling behind. See yooouuu.

26 January 2012 - Benign Kingdom

Just launched the Kickstarter project for another big project I'm involved in: Benign Kingdom. Yuko Ota, Becky Dreistadt, KC Green, and myself are printing four art books, one hardcover collection of the set, and laying the foundation for a legitimate publishing company with Plans For The Future. We're working with George on this project, and wouldn't be able to do it without him... The very same George without whom the current Rice Boy book and the future Order of Tales one-volume book would not be realities. The Kickstarter has gone EXCEPTIONALLY WELL in the first day, but it'll be open for pledges for a full 30 days! We appreciate your help and support!

Nailed down a few more plans for 2012 appearances! I'll be at TCAF in Toronto, ON on May 5 and 6. If you listen to much of what I and other independent comic people say, you have heard that this is one of the best conventions that there is, and that there possibly could be: well-run, full of great artists, right in the middle of downtown Toronto, and free to attend. The guest list this year is pretty exciting too... The rest of the exhibitors are listed here.

After Yuko and Ananth's super-crowded and successful book release party at Bergen Street Comics in Brooklyn a couple weeks back, we've nailed down a book release party for the one-volume Order of Tales book at that same location. I am VERY EXCITED ABOUT THIS and will TELL YOU ALL ABOUT IT SOON.

5 January 2012 - 2012 Projects!

This week, The Exquisite Beast, a new project by Yuko Ota and myself, launched! There's a description of the game plan on that site, and it'll be updating twice a week. Evolutionary theory is something that is really important and fascinating to me, so this will be a really great way to deal with that idea visually. I'm also using it as an excuse to get good at ink washes!

Other things by other people are on the horizon also: Yuko and Ananth of Johnny Wander are having a book release party in Brooklyn on January 13th! Becky and Frank just launched Capture Creatures! I will take Literally Any Excuse to see more of Becky's art, and this happens to be a Very Cool Excuse! Cautionary Fables and Fairy Tales is almost funded: an anthology book featuring many webcomics artists you may have heard of. I'm involved in that book in an as-yet-unannounced capacity. And ONE OTHER THING that I have been trying real hard not to blurt out for a while now. You'll be hearing about that soon.

Page 225 of Vattu up today. Our characters in Vattu's new status quo are all in play; let's see what happens now...

15 December 2011 - Almost done with the Kickstarter!

Five days left on the Order of Tales book Kickstarter as of this writing, and we have gone Significantly Over Goal. Thanks to all of your support, the full adjusted cost of the book run ($14,200) is covered, even taking into account the percentage Kickstarter itself takes. Thank you all so so much. I am looking forward to seeing these books, and will keep you up to date on that.

Another wrench in 2012's convention itinerary for me: NYCC and APE coincide. I'd like to work out a way to go to APE, even though NYCC has no travel expense: APE is a show that's much more interested in independent creators, and generally attracts more of my readers. Also I might be spreading myself thin over NYC next year, with a book release and at least two convention appearances. So I'm thinking on that. I'll probably need to do at least a couple of shows I've never done next year, if I can.

Part 3 of the Thinker should be done and up by the end of the year. Book 2 of Vattu inches along... Also I was recently interviewed!

22 November 2011 - The Order of Tales Book

Earlier this week I started a Kickstarter project to fund the one-volume Order of Tales book! Similar game plan to the Rice Boy book Kickstarter from earlier this year; if everything goes according to plan here I'll have two thousand 800-page Order of Tales books in April 2012. You can watch the embarassingly awkward video at the link for more information. I'd love it if you'd help me spread the word on this, so we can make this book happen! Thanks so much for your support!

In other news, the third part of the Thinker is basically paid for, and I am woefully behind on drawing it, Vattu has entered a new setting, I've been doodling monsters and stuff, et cetera. And a Secret Group Project is in the works.

Happy Thanksgiving Americans.

8 November 2011 - 200 Pages of Vattu!!

Vattu is 200 pages long, making it a not-insignificant fraction of the length as my other big projects. I think these are 200 of the best pages I have drawn, and I am thrilled that people are reading and enjoying it. It is (still) basically Just Starting, and with exactly page 200 we begin a very different part of this story: different from the first 199 pages, and different from anything I've written before. Vattu has arrived in the city called Sahta, which currently has around 2 years of preliminary work behind it, and which is a large part of what this comic is About. Not saying anything else if I can help it, but I am pretty excited here. Thanks for reading.

25 October 2011 - Montage, Order of Tales book plans

This big violence-montage marks the rough halfway-point of Book 2 of Vattu. Shortly getting into more territory that I am super excited for and have been holding my tongue about for over a year. Thanks for reading!

Moving forward on the Order of Tales one-volume book, which will be printed in an edition of 2000 like the latest Rice Boy edition. First quotes are coming in and it's Looking Good. I'll be starting a Kickstarter project for the Order of Tales book soon! This will pay for the print run, and will be a way to preorder the book and get some extra incentive stuff if you're into that. I will keep everyone updated on that!!

Preorder books and items from the Rice Boy Kickstarter are almost all sent out!! This has taken longer than it was supposed to and I thank everybody for your patience! The hardcovers are the last to go out, and I should have it all out the door next week. I'll put up a special post on the Kickstarter project when that is done.

Finally I neglected to mention that the first Order of Tales book is in the store again, finally. But conventions have run me dry of the second book, so I'm sorry for that frustration. I am looking forward to having the whole thing in one book...

12 October 2011 - NYCC

The New York Comic Con is this weekend! I'll be at table P9 in Artists' Alley, in the vicinity of Lin, Kel, Becky, Frank, Yuko, Ananth, and Magnolia. We would all love to see YOU! This is my last show until my whirlwind tour of the west coast next Spring... And I hope it isn't too optimistic of me to hope to have the one volume Order of Tales book printed by then.

Some few indulgent landscapes going on in this and future Vattu pages. We are Getting Somewhere with this story; Vattu might even be on the verge of finally arriving somewhere important...

ALSO I got interviewed recently.

29 September 2011 - San Francisco!

I'm flying to San Francisco Friday morning with a ton of books for APE! I hope you can make it if you're in the area; it is a charming whirlwind of excited people doing exciting independent comics work. I love San Francisco, and I intend to spend at some of my tragically brief time in the city experiencing some of our nation's finest tiki bars and comic book lounges.

Two pages go up today, because we're skipping Monday's update. I think they are two pretty intense pages (also two pretty 'in-tents' pages, but I'm sure I've made that joke before).

19 September 2011 - Thinker part 2, APE, etc.

First of all, the second part of The Thinker, my current longish-shortish side story about, I guess, T-O-E and a giant mysterious wooden thing, went online this weekend. The whole thing is 20 pages now! The third and final part will go up when the next donation goal is met, which should put the full story at 33 to 36 pages in length by current estimation. Thanks everyone for the donations and I hope you're enjoying the story! You can read it from the beginning here, or start the second part here.

APE is coming up soon, at the end of the month in San Francisco. Come say hello if you are there! I'm tabling with Kory Bing and Kel McDonald.

Sending out another huge stack of Rice Boy book preorders tomorrow. I am pleased to have a bunch of people asking me when they'll be available in the store again, and I regret that my answer is a non-specific 'as soon as I get all of these preorders sent out!' Thank you all very much for your patience and your support; I would not be able to do this stuff without you.

13 September 2011 - APE, ETC

SPX was this past weekend, and was successful and extremely fun as usual. Good comic shows with good people remind me how great it is that I have this job. I love making comics and having so many people care about them. Thank you so much, all of you! Put up a few pictures on tumblr.

In a couple of weeks I'll be on the other side of the country for APE in San Francisco, another show I really enjoy.

Current projects include getting out all of the Rice Boy preorders and incentives from Kickstarter mailed out, and getting everything together to start a Kickstarter for the one volume Order of Tales book sometime in October. I figure as long as I'm paying for this storage unit I should work to have at least 4 tons of books in it.

Part 2 of 3 of the Thinker should be up on Friday, finally. Thanks everyone for reading!

1 September 2011 - On the new Rice Boy books

recently received 4,300 pounds of Rice Boy books. Starting this Friday I'll be sending out all of the preorders and incentives to all of the lovely and generous supporters of my Kickstarter campaign, and after that I'll have a bunch of the books (including the new hardcover versions) at SPX in Maryland on September 10 and 11. And after that, they'll finally be available in the online store again. Thanks everybody for your patience; getting 2,000 big color books printed is a time-consuming process.

I will be at TABLE D11 AT SPX NEXT WEEKEND! I will have books and things, and a new little book of the first part of Vattu! I will be tabling with Lela who will have copious gorgeous hand-made books! This is one of my favorite comics shows and I hope to see you there!

3 August 2011 - SPX is soon!

August is upon us already, and SPX, in Bethesda, MD, is coming up in about a month! I'll be debuting the new edition of the Rice Boy book, including the hardcovers, there. A couple of other new things are probable too. One of my favorite shows around!

Making slow progress on the second part of the Thinker! Lining up storage for 2,000 Rice Boy books arriving at the end of the month! Thanks for reading, buddies.

22 July 2011 - Some books

I put up a video for everybody to see the new edition of the Rice Boy book, including the hardcover! I just got these proofs and they look Compeletely Perfect. I'll have the whole run in time for SPX this year, and I am looking forward to it...

Also had a guest strip for Questionable Content go up yesterday!

16 June 2011 - Hardcovers, links, etc.

Book 2 is in full swing, and Vattu's on her way north in this strange company, as the warm season approaches its end... Years in the Flutelands are divided into warm season and cool season in the minds of the Fluters, and each is defined by a color scheme... one is warm, and one is cool. This is the sort of background thing that I think too hard about, and have no idea if it's picked up on by most readers.

Speaking of making places, there's been a lot of interesting stuff going up on Making Places, the blog I run on worldbuilding for narrative media. Making slow strides towards making it more of a community effort...

The new edition of the Rice Boy book is in production; I've just gotten a handsome proof of the cloth and board covers (without image) for the hardcover edition. The book is not available on the site because I've run out, and there won't be more until these arrive, probably in August.

Some cool things are going on on the internet, and I usually neglect to mention them: my friend Magnolia recently started an exciting new story called Monster Pulse, which is very different from her previous Bobwhite, which is excellent, but I think she can top it!! Aaron is in the thick of a gorgeous and ambitious story at Dresden Codak, which is more up my alley than anything he's done yet. Yuko and Ananth recently finished a beautiful new short story, which begins here. Cucumber Quest is the most fun and adorable thing I've ever seen. MBMBAM is my new favorite podcast, and Das Racist is my new favorite rap group.

19 May 2011 - Book 2 and The Thinker!

Today is the start of Book 2 of Vattu, with page 126. I hope you like it!! I am loving working on this story, and rest assured that it is JUST BEGINNING.

The new short story, part one of a three-part story called The Thinker, went up this week! I'm pleased with this one and am working on part two as quick as I can. It's gotten a very positive response so far (seems better than for the previous short stories??), so give it a read if you haven't!

I'll be going to Charlotte, NC for Heroes Con in early June, if that's in your area!

Thank you for reading!

11 May 2011 - Book 2 starting soon...

Taking a brief break from updates to work on a few things. First of all, the next Short Story, which is part 1 of 'The Thinker,' is nearing completion, and will be online next week! Hopefully Monday the 16th. And! I am working on getting an insane amount of Rice Boy books printed, and getting together all of the incentive stuff for contributors to the Kickstarter. Updates on that are forthcoming. Finally! I have a few small issues of planning and visual development left to resolve in Book 2 of Vattu... And I want to focus more on quality in this comic than on sheer speed and quality, as I have in the past. BUT ANYWAY! Book 2 of Vattu will begin on May 20, 2011. Thanks for your patience.

OH did you see the guest comic I drew for Bobwhite? A little bird called Magnolia Porter's latest news post tells me that this comic will be ending soon, so I heartily recommend you give it a read. Great characters, great cartooning, and lots to relate to if you have a history in art, education, or art education.

TCAF was great; one of the most fun weekends in recent memory. Thanks everybody for coming. Thanks so much to Chris Butcher and everyone else for putting together one of the best comic conventions around.

5 May 2011 - TCAF! Book 1 of Vattu!

Hey look! Page 125 of Vattu went online today, which means BOOK 1 IS FINISHED! This is a Small Step towards finishing this Very Big Thing. Thanks everyone for reading; I'm delighted at the response to this story so far. Things are finally starting to get interesting...

TCAF, the Toronto Comic Arts Festival, is THIS WEEKEND! It is one of my favorite shows, and will be a densely-populated mass of independent cartoonists like myself. If you are in the are of Toronto, I highly suggest that you check it out. Admission is free. I will give you a high five, or whatever it is Canadians do instead of high fives.

Leaving for Toronto super soon! Kel and I are sitting around talking about sexy Pokemon. We are against it.

22 April 2011 - Kickstarted!

As I write this, we're almost up to 16,000 dollars on the Rice Boy book kickstarter, with 40 hours left to go. This has gone incredibly well and I can't thank all of you enough! I am super excited to get this thing reprinted, and I'm glad the hardcover edition has had such a positive response already. I will be printing 3,000 copies of the paperback, instead of 2,000 as was originally planned. Awesome!! You are all the best!! Getting the printer started with the book and working on the other incentive items is what I'm working on now...

I am back from Portland and back from being incapacitated by allergies for several days. If you'd like to hear the terrible frog voice I have had, you can listen to this excellent recording of the Comics and Worldbuilding panel that I moderated! Which of course reminds me that there is new stuff up at Making Places, and more to come.

Now that I am back here and productive again, the update schedule will be less flaky. Also it doesn't hurt that I have been really really excited about this part of Vattu for a while...

13 April 2011 - Stumptown!

The Stumptown Comics Fest is coming up this weekend, in Portland, OR. If you can make it you should! I'll have tons of books and posters, and I'm moderating a panel on Sunday at 2! Come say hello.

Apologies for the spotty update schedules these past few days; my website has been down at great length through no fault of my own, and I have been busy and traveling in and out of internet connectivity. As soon as I get back from Portland I am gonna sit down and draw a million pages.

5 April 2011 - Making Places

This weekend is MoCCA Fest, in New York city! I'll be there at table K7 with Frank and Becky. This will be my first time at that show, and I am pretty excited! I'll have all of my books, and some prints and originals. Come say hello if you can!

After that is Stumptown Comics Fest on April 16 and 17 in Portland, OR, at which I'll be running, for the third time, my Comics and Worldbuilding panel! Very excited about the folks that will be on it this time; more on that sooooon. I hope you can make it, Portland!

I've started a new website called Making Places, where I'll be posting my articles on worldbuilding, and it'll be accepting submissions, too! I have some big plans for this thing, so give it a look!

Page 114 is up today, and I'm working hard on building up a buffer, and making progress in the short story. Comics comics comics!!

23 March 2011 - Books, conventions...

Just back and recovered from C2E2 in Chicago; a good time was had. I did better than last year and I think it was a better show than last year, so it will continue to be my excuse for annual visits to Chicago. Thanks very much to everyone who came by the table! My next show is MoCCA right here in New York City on April 9 and 10. I'll be tabling with the charming and talented Becky and Frank. Hope to see some of you folks! Working on a bit of new merchandise I hope to have in time for the show.

The Kickstarter project I started earlier this month has already reached its goal and almost doubled it, meaning the Rice Boy book will be reprinted, and the limited edition hardcover version, too!! I am very excited and very relieved and very very thankful to everyone who is helping this happen. You are literally the best.

9 March 2011 - Kickstarter!!

AN IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT TODAY!! I need to raise a good bit of money to reprint the Rice Boy book, so I've started a Kickstarter project to do it! There are some special limited-edition things I'll have available through this fundraiser: a series of 12 really handsome little portrait-posters of characters in Rice Boy (some of whom I hadn't drawn in 3 years, which was cool!), and the first ever HARDCOVER EDITION OF RICE BOY.

So please watch my awkward little video where I try to explain this fundraiser, and please consider helping to keep this book in print! The Rice Boy book, paperback or softcover, is currently not for sale online, so if you'd like to buy it you can do so through the Kickstarter.

ALSO, today's page of Vattu is A BIG ONE, and I've been super excited to show it to all of you for a while. Things are changing, and I've gotten to one of those points in the story that I've been excited about since the start. It is 4 in the morning, I am doing my sleep schedule no favors in recovering from my recent west coast trip. So I am going to bed. Thank you very much for reading.

4 March 2011 - I'm in Seattle!

Just a quick update for today! I'm in Seattle, and excited for Emerald City Comic Con tomorrow! I'm at table L-06 with Magnolia Porter.

100 pages of Vattu up today, how about that!!

20 February 2011 - Conventions are coming up!

A view from a hill in today's page. What could this portend?

SEATTLE, are you aware that I will be inside you soon?? There is a comic convention called the Emerald City Comic Con on March 4, 5, and 6, and I'll be in Artist Alley sharing a table with Magnolia who you may know as the maker of Bobwhite. You should be there! On Saturday we are all going to wear fancy clothes. Future conventions and appearances are listed here

17 February 2011 - 2 pages! Originals for sale!

You get two pages with Friday's update, for the first time in a while!! We're in another decompressed dialogue-free sequence, so hopefully this is a bit more substantial for those of you reading update-to-update. On Monday there will be an IMPORTANT REVEAL. Thank you for reading.

I've started an etsy page where I'll be putting original pages up for sale for the forseeable future. For now there's only a few from Vattu, but I will be putting up a few pages from Rice Boy and Order of Tales shortly. I am hoping to raise money for a new run of Rice Boy books! More on that later.

Next short story, the first of a three-parter, is well under way. And I've been pretty active on my Art Blog lately! And I have comic conventions coming up soon in SEATTLE and CHICAGO! And my girlfriend Lela is moving here soon! Things are good and busy busy.

31 January 2011 - Settling Down

The new short story is finally finished and online. It is called Settling Down, and serves as a prequel to Rice Boy. I think it makes more sense in light of what happens in Rice Boy, but maybe it would read well chronologically too? Kind of weird to return to the characters and settings in this story for the first time in like three years.

The next short story will be called The Thinker. I haven't figured out its length or the donation goal for it, but that will happen soon!

85 pages of Vattu! OoT book 3 print out in a week or so I think!

24 January 2011 - 82 pages

Up to 82 pages of Vattu, and a conversation of some gravity is going on. It occurred to me recently that most of the story so far has been about a conflict between a traditional, dogmatic worldview and a progressive, adaptable one. It is really weird to see that in my own comic because I did not really explicitly intend for it to be there. But anyway. Changes are afoot and we're en route to the end of 'Book 1' of this huge huge story.

Somebody asked me on Formspring recently about the differences between the genders of the Fluters. This has been kind of ambiguous for a lot of people so far, which has kind of been my intent, but if you're interested, I answered the question in detail.

Order of Tales book 3 still open for preorder; I should receive them and send out the preorders within a couple weeks. It's been kind of a low-key comics-focused life for me since the holidays. I have been playing Mass Effect like everyone in this house, and I have been drawing comics and other stuff, and looking at penguins in sweaters.

31 December 2010 - This year is over!

Page 72 of Vattu is the last one to go up in 2010, and it's incidentally something of a significant punctuation in the progress of the story so far. If you haven't been following it update-for-update, now might be a good point at which to catch up?

Here are some plans I have for the coming year:

- More conventions in more places; convention-time all the time. I was recently confirmed for TCAF, and will be keeping a list of upcoming appearances I'll be making on the About page... If everything goes according to plan I'll be going to 13 shows in 2011, which is kind of mind-boggling.

- More content ancillary to Vattu. This News thing on the front page needs more consisten updates, first of all. And I've obviously underestimated the amount of work it takes to keep Vattu going at three pages a week, so it will be tricky, but I need to keep at the Short Stories and get started on some non-Overside stuff that I've been doing preliminary work on. I'll stay active as much as I can on my art blog as well.

- Books books books. In the immediate future reprinting the one-volume Rice Boy will be the biggest and most urgent item of business for me (and for which I might have to do a bit of a fundraiser for), but in addition of course there's the third Order of Tales book on the way for January, and the one-volume Order of Tales book on the way... sometime in 2011, depending upon when I can get it paid for, and when I receive a bit of content for it from a third party. And Vattu will have its first book out sometime later in 2011, I think!!

- More New York stuff. For a few months I've been living in this city, and I'm constantly surprised at how huge and full of interesting things and people it is. There are so many people doing incredible work here, even in a field as miniscule as independent comics. I want to be more involved in The Comics World in physical reality, instead of entirely on the internet. So I'd like to do some book release events and things like that!!

- Less talk more rock!!!!!

10 December 2010 - Order of Tales 3 preorders

P=The third book of Order of Tales, called The Tower of Smoke, is available for preorder. Preorders will be shipped out in January. This book, like the previous 2 parts of the story, includes an illustrated appendix and a map of the relevant area. A one-volume edition will be available (I estimate) in March, and I hope for that to be the long-term incarnation of the story because it will be easier to deal with than three separate books. A new run of Book 1 will arrive shortly; it's been unavailable last few days.

Lately I've put up some miscellaneous art and things on my blog, and I've added a few more confirmed 2011 conventions to my schedule. Seattle is a place I've never been! Hope to see you.

I hope everyone is having a good end-of-the-year! It is getting cold up here but I am drinking a lot of coffee so it's ok.

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