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May 29 2019

My new graphic novel Island Book is AVAILABLE NOW! In bookstores and online and everywhere; this is my first book with a major publisher and I’m super excited to have it out there.

Island Book is a visually-driven fantasy-adventure fable story about the ocean and the unknown & unknowable. It represents a distillation of a lot of my thinking lately about fantasy storytelling in general, and a deliberate attempt to reconnect with some of the ideas I was working through years and years ago with Rice Boy. I finished drawing it about a year ago; I’ve never had the experience of having to wait so long for people to read something I’ve made!! Very lovely to hear feedback and to hear that people are liking this thing.

Recently released a soundtrack album made by my brother Lewis that we’re very happy with, and I put together a pair of dense little art books a little while ago too. AND for a who-knows-how-limited time, many original pages are available.

Had a great time in Canada and hope to go back for TCAF & VanCAF next year; in the meantime I’m doing many more comic conventions this year: Heroes Con in Charlotte NC on June 14-16 is the next one. Hope to see folks there! Have a good day.


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