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September 17 2021

hEY FOLKS, I hope you are well out there. I’m working a lot on Vattu-related stuff lately as I’m DONE with other comics work for now. You may have noticed I recently made a detailed MAP of the Sahta, the city in which most of Vattu takes place. It’s up on its own little explanatory page here, along with a newly-updated character guide. It might be helpful or interesting to see this context as we head into some big heavy stuff in the story.

Also I’m trying out webtoon and tapas; Vattu is being serialized there with a few scenes a week basically just as an effort to get more eyes on the thing. I don’t fully understand these platforms but it is absolutely true that the internet has mostly moved away from the old-timey webcomics Personal Website Era. of course I will continue to have this clunky and outmoded website until the day I die, probably.

The Other Stuff I’ve been working on and not posting here for the past few years has been the ISLAND BOOK SERIES with First Second Books. The third and last book in this series is now FINISHED, and it’ll be out in 2022, and you can preorder it now if you like! I really strongly support you ordering through a local bookseller (perhaps via IndieBound?? that might only work in the States tho).

THank you for reading!!!!


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