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October 20 2018 - Vattu Book 3 Kickstarter!

Just launched the Kickstarter to get the third book of Vattu printed! If you’d like a copy of this book in paperback or hardcover, this would be the best way to get it I think! Also there’s a bunch of options to get the whole story so far, and some extra things. Thank you for having a look and thank you for your support!!

It’s going well so far, which is always a relief-- I really don’t often have a good sense of how many people read this thing and are interested in buying print editions of it, and it’s been a while since the previous book. Excited to see it in print; the print versions are what I have in mind as the final version of the comic throughout the process.

Did you see the nice new website header I did make. Island Book has its own little homepage now! Very bare bones but I wanted to have something visible. Thank you for reading.

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