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January 17 2020

Hello!! Vattu is BACK with page 1043! I’ve been really struggling to balance everything lately, but I just FINISHED the penciling-and-inking phase of Island Book 2, and am excited to get back into a more regular schedule for Vattu. Island Book 2 is out in Spring 2021; coloring it as of now.

I recently posted the last 15 pages of the short story "The Thinker." I started this story in 2011, and had gotten 12 pages into its last section before getting frustrated and stressed out about it. Weird experience to come back to something from so long ago, but it’s nice to have a finished story out there now.

Goblin Week starts this Sunday. New book available on Topatoco soon soon. thank you for reading


Other Stuff Evan is Doing

The Harrowing of Hell. A graphic novel coming in 2020 from Iron Circus Comics.

Moby-Dick Illustrated.

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Illustrated.

Art Blog. Everything else.

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